Hello, friends! My name is Sarah Q and I'm a traveling portrait photographer. In 2015, my husband, three kids and I sold everything we owned and ditched "normal" life to travel the world in search of adventure!

In just over two years, we've been to nearly every state in the US, dozens of state and national parks and are headed north this summer to explore Canada and Alaska. Within the next year, we hope to visit Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica, all in our big blue bus - an old school bus that we converted into an RV! (You can read more about our adventures by clicking the "BLOG" link above.) Along the way, I've had the amazing opportunity to photograph families and children in nearly every state - from beach sessions in California to the busy streets of New York City (and every lakeside, mountaintop and wildflower field in between!) One thing every session has in common, no matter what the terrain, is an abundance of moments. Sweet moments, frustrating moments, loud and crazy moments and moments that are quiet and shy. Every session feels new and different, but the more I think about them, the more they all seem the same. Parents doing their best, kids growing up too quickly, babies smiling and crying and running the show. Family sessions are so rewarding and so fun because I know the next time I see those kids, they'll be a year older, half a foot taller and a completely new person! Parents tell me all the time that they can't believe how much their kids have changed from one session to the next and THANK GOODNESS we caught those little baby faces with their gappy teeth and chubby cheeks, because now they're practically teenagers and they just can't understand how time is moving so quickly.

Moms and dads, I know you can relate to every word of this and that's why I built this site. For parents like you, who just want to capture as many of those moments as you can before your kids stop being kids. Because as much as I'd love to be there every day to photograph your sweet family, most days it's up to you to be the photographer! And as great as your iPhone photos are sometimes, there's nothing you'll value more one day than beautiful, high quality photos of your children growing up. That's why you bought that nice camera, right? You know, the one that's (probably) been sitting in the other room gathering dust since the week you bought it. Well, friend, I think it's about time you dusted that sucker off and learned what all those buttons are for! But don't worry, you won't need to wade through a million google search results to figure it all out. Sarah Q is here to help! And because I'm a mom with more than a decade of childhood documenting experience, I'm going to explain things in an easy-to-understand way that'll be easy to practice at home with your own family, at your own pace.

Want a little more hand holding to really dig in deep? Sign up for my one-on-one class and get personal feedback and photo reviews with me every week for 10 weeks! Want to share your photos with other moms learning about their cameras? Join our Moment Collectors Facebook group! Have questions? Send me an email and let's chat! There are moments to be collected and I'm ready to help you capture every last one.

xo, Sarah Q

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Hi, I’m Sarah Q!

Hi, Im Sarah Q and I've been a professional photographer for more than 15 years! My first professional job was as staff photographer for the daily newspaper in my small hometown of Seguin, Texas. Since then I've photographed thousands of people around the world as a photojournalist, a wedding photographer and a traveling portrait photographer.

In 2015, my husband, three kids and I decided to ditch "regular" life and head out in search of adventure as full-time travelers. For six months, our family of five tent camped our way around the United States, sleeping under the stars in state and national parks, hiking up mountains and swimming in every lake and ocean we could get to. With only our SUV to hold our "stuff," there was no extra room for anything other than our clothes, sleeping bags and camping gear. After living in big houses full of toys and TVs our entire lives, we worried the kids might be bored with nothing to play with, but knew they would adjust and learn to love the outdoors. That adjustment took exactly zero days and by the end of the first week, we knew we had made the best decision of our lives.

Toward the end of our six-month trip, we decided to upgrade our sleeping arrangements and found a 1997 Austin ISD school bus for sale on Craigslist. It took us six months worth of hard work and had quite a learning curve, but by the summer of 2016, we had built our very own tiny house on wheels and were back on the road! For a long time we called it the World School Bus, because we always tell people the kids aren't home schooled, they're world schooled! But to celebrate the launch of this new website, we've decided to repaint and rename the bus "The Moment Collectors Bus." After all, that's what we've been doing now for just over two years - creating memories as a family and collecting as many incredible moments together as we can while our kiddos are still young.

Want to read more about our travels and see photos from all the amazing places we've been? Click on the BLOG link above and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Want to learn more about photographing children and documenting all the real life moments you want to remember forever? Click on the LESSONS link above to take one of my online photography classes! Want to bring the big blue Moment Collectors bus to your town for a photo session? Click the SESSIONS button or send me an email! I'd love to chat with you more! 

xo, Sarah Q

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