You finally have a nice camera, but your pictures still stink. If you didn’t have a million other things to do, you’d try to figure out why. But you’re a parent and there’s never enough time left in your day to figure anything out. So, you put the camera back in the bag and use your iPhone instead. Or you just keep taking bad pictures, hoping one day they’ll get better. (They don’t.)

Don’t worry moms and dads, we’re here for you

The Moment Collectors courses below were created for busy parents like you, who just want to take better pictures of their kids. That’s it. Our work-at-your-own pace online courses are easy to understand, written from a parent’s point of view and include homework assignments that let you practice at home, in your spare time. Our one-on-one course is designed for parents who want a little bit more guidance through the process and comes with weekly feedback and photo reviews from me, Sarah Q! Our mini courses were designed for people who already have a basic understanding of their camera and how to use it, but who’d like to dig a little bit deeper and be more creative with their photography. Want to work with a group at one of our Moment Collectors Workshops? Click below to find a date and location near you! However you learn best, we’re here for you and can’t wait to help you start collecting your moments!







More of a hands-on learner? Want to meet other parents interested in photography? Want some one-on-one time with world traveling portrait photographer Sarah Q? Sign up for one of our Moment Collectors in person workshops! Each workshop includes a full day of learning about exposure, lighting, composition and even covers a little bit of photo editing at the end of the day. There’s also an option to come watch me work with real clients the day before the workshop! Click below for more info and to sign up for a workshop near you!